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Military Training and Service

Military-connected students can be awarded credit based on college-level knowledge and/or skills gained from their military training and service (basic training, military occupational specialties, and other military coursework). College credit will be granted only for documented, 通过身份验证, and demonstrated learning that aligns with Western’s course competencies.

There are several ways veterans and service members may obtain academic credit:

  • Joint 服务 Transcript (JST): When veterans leave the Army, 海岸警卫队, 海军陆战队, 和海军, they can obtain a record of their training known as the JST. Western Technical College evaluates military training and experience according to the American Council on Education (ACE) standards for recommended college credit and utilizes the Joint 服务 Transcript (JST) for evaluation.
  • Western Technical College Military Service Agreement: 除了 to a JST review, Western has a military service agreement based on years of service. Qualifying veterans can earn up to 10 credits in General Studies coursework. View Military CPL Service Agreement Coursework.
  • Community College of the Air Force (CCAF): The CCAF is an accredited degree-granting institution that serves the United States Air Force active, 警卫, and reserve enlisted personnel. CCAF can provide transcripts for Air Force veterans along with recommended college credit.
  • Other Opportunities: 除了, military-connected students can earn credit through Standard Exams, Institutional Challenge Exams, Workforce Training and Certifications, Portfolio Assessment, and Credit Transfer.

Contact the Veterans Specialist to determine military transfer credits and get more information:; 608-789-4767 or visit: Veterans Military Center.

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