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Pre-College Courses

If you're considering college or getting ready to enroll, Learner Support and Transition offers you the opportunity to brush up on the skills you need to get into and succeed in the college of your choice. The program is called Developmental Studies.

You may be referred for Developmental Studies instruction to better prepare you for the courses you will be taking. 曾经被称为, Developmental Studies classes are usually required before you start your program classes.

Course Descriptions

The following courses are available each semester: 

Developmental Communication

  • Complete review of English grammar
  • Study of sentence structure
  • Learning to write a paragraph
  • Review of technical writing skills

Developmental Biology

  • Structured course with lecture and labs
  • 1 year of college preparatory biology is taught in one semester

Developmental Chemistry

  • Structured course with lecture and labs

Developmental Reading/Study Skills

  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary development
  • Effective textbook comprehension
  • Test-taking skills
  • Vocabulary development for college study

College Reading

  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary development
  • All comprehension strategies applied to college-level readings

Developmental Math

  • Multiple Developmental Math courses are available. Consult with an 招生 Coach to determine which one is most appropriate for you.

Schedule and Registration Information

Developmental Biology and Chemistry Courses


For information, contact Learner Support and Transition in 拉克罗斯 or at the regional location nearest you.