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Incarcerated Youth and Adults Program

The Learner Support and Transition Division provides adult education, 基本读写能力, and GED services to individuals held in area detention centers through our Project Proven program. The services are provided in collaboration with jail staff at the County of 拉克罗斯.


Learner Support works closely with local law enforcement officials and agencies to provide instruction and services to formerly incarcerated individuals to help increase the likelihood of a successful transition from jail into the community. The focus is on helping participants:

  • Complete the GED/HSED and/or enroll in college or certification programming
  • Gain or improve upon skills to assist in obtaining employment such as filling out applications, 面试, 恢复发展, 找工作, 和网络
  • Gain or improve upon skills to help maintain a job such as interpersonal relations, 解决冲突, 客户服务, 等.
  • Identify community resources that may be useful
  • Budgeting and financial management
  • Basic computer skills training


Join us on campus for our re-entry groups, focusing on job skills, recreation and technical trades. These groups are run by the Project Proven team and are free to attend. 看看美高美网络平台游戏的传单 欲知更多资料,请浏览 在这里注册.


Western’s Project Proven program changes lives. We asked some of our students two questions:

  • What does Western mean to you?
  • What is your favorite part about being a Western student?

Watch their responses in this video.

在下面的视频中, we delve deep into the untold stories of those who've faced the challenges of re-entering the workforce after incarceration. By directly asking them about the misconceptions and stereotypes they battle against, the impact of their justice involvement on their employment opportunities, their favorite jobs since release, and why they believe they're worthy hires, we aim to foster understanding, challenge societal perceptions, and spark meaningful conversations around rehabilitation and reintegration.


Project Proven serves hundreds of students every year. To help support these students, we have created the Proven Fund, which aims to reduce specific barriers that hinder our students’ abilities to move forward. 100% of your donations—and the proceeds from our shirt sales—will be placed in the Proven Fund.

Lawyers for Learners: Free, Confidential Legal Help

Legal problems can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. They may be affecting your ability to attend classes or go to work, and you may not know what to do or who to talk to.

Lawyers for Learners can help. Experienced legal experts can answer questions and provide legal advice at no charge to you. The topics they can help with include:

  • 破产
  • 犯罪记录
  • Driver’s license restoration
  • 家庭事务
  • 住房. 移民
  • 失业
  • 和更多的

Take control of your legal problem so you can move forward with your life. 今天就开始吧!


美高美网络平台游戏 partners with Lawyers for Learners, which collaborates with a variety of legal experts to offer free and confidential legal assistance to 美高美网络平台游戏 students and the 美高美网络平台游戏 community. 美高美网络平台游戏 does not provide legal advice or assistance. 

Please be advised that you are receiving legal advice from a participating legal service provider, who is an independent entity. This means that 美高美网络平台游戏 and their agents are not responsible for any advice given to you. Such advice is given solely by the legal service provider, 谁不是代理人, employee or representative of 美高美网络平台游戏 and its agents.  


Please contact us for more information.