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UW-Madison Transfer Pathway

University of Wisconsin-Madison CrestWestern students who start in the Associate of Arts and Science programs can sign a transfer contract with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. To enroll in this pathway, you must declare an intent to apply for admission to UW–Madison, meet UW-Madison admission requirements, and meet specified levels of academic achievement.

Students are eligible for admission to UW-Madison under the Transfer Contract if they:

  1. Enroll as a college freshman in the Associate of Arts and Science Transfer 项目 at Western. UW-Madison defines a college freshman as a student who has earned fewer than 24 transferable credits.
  2. Meet with your transfer advisor prior to completing 30 transferable credits at Western.
  3. Meet with a transfer program advisor at Western at least once per term while enrolled.
  4. Complete a minimum of 54 transferable credits within three academic years of enrollment in the Transfer 项目 and prior to enrollment at UW-Madison.
  5. The term prior to transfer, earn a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a minimum 2.0 GPA in the Transfer Program course work as determined by UW–Madison computation. Transfer Contract students must meet the same criteria for admission to specific majors and programs as continuing UW-Madison students. Some majors require higher levels of academic achievement than those required for admission to the university.
  6. Meet the minimum requirements for admission to UW-Madison as follows:
    • Algebra (one high school year or equivalent)
    • Plane geometry (one high school year, college-track or equivalent)
    • College preparatory math (one high school year or one college-level course)
    • Single world language (two high school years or two college semesters of sequential study in one world language). Transfer Contract students are strongly encouraged to complete three levels of world language prior to transferring.
  7. Complete the Transfer Program courses that meet the following list of UW-Madison curricular requirements. These courses are required for all of UW-Madison’s bachelor degree programs and the completion of these curricular elements provides a solid foundation of academic preparation for achievement at UW-Madison. To determine how courses transfer from Western to UW-Madison, see the Transfer Information System found at www.威斯康辛州.edu/transfer/.
    • Communication Part A, Literacy Proficiency (3 credits)
    • Quantitative Reasoning Part A (3 credits)
    • Quantitative Reasoning Part B (3 credits)
    • Literature, at least one course (3 credits)
    • Humanities, at least one course (3 credits)
    • Social Studies, at least one course (3 credits)
    • Physical Science, at least one course (3 credits)
    • Biological Science, at least one course (3 credits)
    • Ethnic Studies, at least one course (3 credits)
  8. Complete the Transfer Contract requirements within three academic years from the time of enrollment at Western.
  9. Complete and submit the regular application for transfer admission to UW-Madison according to the schedule specified for the planned term of entry to UW-Madison. Students must note in their essay that they are applying under the Transfer Contract.

For the full agreement and specific notes for eligibility, see http://admissions.wisc.edu/transfer-agreements/. To check course-by-course transferability, visit www.威斯康辛州.edu/transfer.