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Western is transitioning to a new Student Information System called Colleague. 2月29日, we made some important system preparations that impact your login for MyWestern, 自助服务, 黑板上, 和财政援助制度.

As of this date, your login information to access these systems will change:

  • 你的 Student ID number will change to include the letter “W” before the number:
    • If you currently have a 9-digit ID number beginning with two zeros “001234567” it will become “w1234567”
    • If you currently have a 7-digit ID number “1234567” it will become “w1234567”
  • To log into the systems listed above and to log in to any on-campus computers, 你将使用你的新学生证号码.
  • 你的 password will remain the same, as will your student 电子邮件 address. (Note that some links to 黑板上 may ask for your 电子邮件 address rather than your ID number to log in.)  

You do not need to get a new Student ID card unless you receive a separate communication.

If you have any issues logging in, 请 contact the IT服务台 at or 608-789-6266.

Western’s IT服务台 assists with student and staff login issues (MyWestern, 电子邮件, 黑板上, network) and maintains Western’s computers, 网络设备, 和手机.

Our help desk walk-up hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. We are located in the lower level of the Business Education Center.

You may call the help desk (608-789-6266) or 电子邮件 the help desk (,随时寻求协助. Please include your full name and student ID number if you leave a voice mail message or send an 电子邮件.

西方工作人员-访问 CavNet 浏览更多资讯科技资源.


Western’s Information Technology 服务 has a Knowledge Base website to provide answers to common computer-related questions and issues. 请到 to check out the help documents that are available.


If you do not know your password, 请 使用此链接 to learn about the process for resetting your password. 

If you do not know your password, 请 使用此链接 to begin the process of resetting your password. Reference 这个知识库文档 for instructions on resetting your password (


你的 MyWestern, 西方学生邮件, 黑板上, and network user accounts are synchronized so they use the same password.

Here is what you should use for your username for each of these accounts:

  • MyWestern -使用您的学生证号码.
  • 西方学生邮件 – Use your student 电子邮件 address.
  • 黑板-使用你的学生证号码.
  • Network user – User your student ID number.

If you do not know your student ID number, 请 contact the 欢迎中心 (608-785-9553) or PC Service (608-789-6266) for assistance.

电子邮件和Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

As a student, you may download Microsoft Office 365 for free. Please refer to the document in the Knowledge Base ( for more information on how to download this software.


观看视频 showing how to forward your student 电子邮件 to your personal 电子邮件 address.


Students may connect personal devices to the Western-Student wireless network. When you connect to this network, you will be asked to provide credentials. Please use the same login credentials as you use for your MyWestern account.

If you are using a Western-owned laptop or tablet, it should be set to connect to the Technet-Wireless network so you can access network resources, such as printers and network file storage.

If you are a currently registered student, Western is providing access to free wireless access points in several parking lots. 参见Wi-Fi位置 有关详细信息,.


There are computers available on the La Crosse campus for students to work on their assignments. 也, regional locations in Black River Falls, 独立, Mauston, Tomah, and Viroqua will be open for a limited number of current students to use computer labs for online Western classes and services. 看到 区域位置 租用时间网页.

View the 计算机实验室 page for more information.


除了使用个人设备, 例如USB驱动器, 用于存储文件, Western also offers network file storage (I: drive) and an online file storage option (OneDrive for Business). 请参考 这个知识库文档 for more information about available file storage options.


每个学生得到3美元.00 credit to their printing account the first term they attend the college. Charges for printing are incurred both in the classrooms and the computer labs. 你的 printing balance will be tracked through your network login account, and you can check your balance at any time at

Charges per print vary per printer, based on color, black and white, etc. and discounts are offered on two-sided prints.

When balances are low and/or depleted, you may add funds ($3.00 minimum) by going to the cashier’s office or regional location cashiers.


Information Technology 服务 has used computers, laptops, and iMacs for sale. The types of used computers vary, so 请 check out our current list of used computer equipment.

View list of used computers currently for sale.

Purchase New Dell and HP Computers at Discounted Price

Students can purchase new computers from Dell and HP at a discounted price. 看到 links below for more information.

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